Strong, highly alkali intensive detergent for cleaning of hard dirt coatings invprofessional daily and special cleaning

Especially appropriate for the usage in:

Stubborn organic dirt, such as fat, oils, polymer layers, or rubber abrasion stains

Appropriate at the following floorings:

Elastic floor types: vinyl, rubber floorings

Artificial and natural stone floors: Lime stone, stoneware, marble, granite, terrazzo, and artificial stone

Not appropriate at the following floorings:

Wooden and textile floorings, linoleum, terrazzo, artificial stone and polished granite

Sales unit: 12 kg canister

Results at a mixing ratio of 1:100 =

> up to 23 tanks of cleaning solution for TURNADO 55 / 55 PRO

> up to 19 tanks of cleaning solution for TURNADO 68

> up to 11 tanks of cleaning solution for VARIOTECH 82 / CONVERT 82 / TURNADO 82

> up to 7 tanks of cleaning solution for FS 82 / FS 112


Art NO: 10060264

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