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For more than 20 years, the Bavarian company develops, manufactures and markets high-quality cleaning machines that technologies convince. The company, which is based in Prien at lake Chiemsee, was founded by George Hefter in 1993. For his existing company, the machine engineering company HEFTER, he was looking for a cleaning machine, which meets his demands of clever machine features and high quality. Unsatisfied with the products available in the market, he had his engineers develop several own prototypes, which would fit to his requirements. Following up HEFTER cleantech delivers its innovative cleaning machines today into more then 30 countries worldwide.

High class technology providing high efficiency

The highly efficient HEFTER cleantech cleaning machines do not only shorten the cleaning time and thereby the working hours, but protecting through their sustainable functionality the environment. Therefore they are made out of durable stainless steel. The suction units are based directly behind the scrubbing unit. Together with squeegees, which fit ideally to different floor profiles, the vacuum units provides a fast drying even of large areas. The floor is dry and walk-able immediately after cleaning – without slip hazards, which is among others very important for the usage in hospitals. Additionally the machines can clean to the wall even in edges. By this ability, manually dry-wiping right after the machine is not necessary which makes the usage of a second worker unnecessary. A special advantage of this unique machine construction is the low vacuum bar width which is not more than the machine width. That provides an easy access through doors or niches!

Customized solutions by many variants of machines

HEFTER cleantech presents a number of specific product modules that provide flexible solutions in professional cleaning. The patented TURNADO technology provides a unique brush head that turns – including vacuum unit - at 360Æ endless. Thereby machinery cleaning is possible in all directions, even backwards. Another patented technology, the VARIOTECH system, provides a cleaning wing, that moves in and out automatically, to fit to different area profiles. That enables the machinery cleaning of niches or places underneath shelves or handrails as well as big areas. The CONVERT technology is another module that provides polishing abilities. Within seconds, the cleaning machine can be converted from a scrubber drier to a polishing machine.

Additional benefit sustainability

All HEFTER cleantech cleaning machines work wireless with batteries at a run time of up to 4 hours. And by using QUICK CHANGE, the batteries can be exchanged easy and fast, which makes permanent cleaning very uncomplicated. HEFTER cleantech cleaning machines do work with fresh water, which is filled in tanks up to 220 liter. Especially for the usage in cleaning machines developed detergents - some of them surfactant free – are dosed into the fresh water tank. By regulation of driving speed and thereby fresh water outtake the consumption of fresh water and detergents is limited. The silent function reduces noise pollution of the environment.

All functions of the more than 20 different models are shown and presented within Germany by own sales reps at the customers place.

In Germany HEFTER cleantech additionally provides sustainable maintenance and service concepts. Spare parts are provided up to 10 years after machine production ends.

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