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ROBOTER (Test Phase)

RoBot FS 112 (Test phase)


up to 5000 m²/h

A U T O N O M O U S D R I V I N G  | R I D E - O N M A C H I N E

The HEFTER technologies VARIOTECH ®, TURNADO ® and QUICK-CHANGE ® are combined in the ride-on machines. This enables maximum flexibility and agility for mechanical floor cleaning:

  • turnable scrub and suction head
  • cleaning both forwards and backwards
  • cleaning in dead ends, corners and niches
  • easy cleaning close to edges
  • extremely agile and effective

BASIC MACHINE // HEFTER FS 112 XXL Servo These ride-on cleaning machines with their unique HEFTER technologies offer the possibility of variable working widths from 71 cm to 112 cm, as well as the possibility of turning the variable working head through 180 degrees, and further, cleaning 100% in reverse.

The RoBot FS 112 is based on the HEFTER FS 112 which is equipped with an autonomous Navigation System - By that, the machine can be used as an autonomous- highly fl exible – Cleaning RoBot as well as an Standard ride-on machine.

The comprehensive safety technology will grant a CE conformity according to the necessary standards for self-propelled vehicles. This safety technology allows a max. driving speed of 4.4 km/h resulting in the outstanding theoretical area performance of 5.000 m² (maximum) per hour.

Additional options such as automatic fi lling and emptying, automatic charging station, water recycling, digit-data, remote-control, visual-care, will follow.

Working width brushes 710 - 1120 mm
Working width vacuum barn 790 - 1240 mm
Turn able scrubbing and suction head TURNADO® +/- 200°
Housing width 760 mm
Total length 1730 mm
Total height (without rolling bar) 1370 mm
Width of passage 830 mm
Tankvolume (dirt and fresh water tank) each 220 l
Max. surface pressure 0,65 N/mm²
Max. working weight (with batteries driver, water) 930 kg
Dead weight (with 275 Ah batteries, driver) 710 kg
Theoretical cleaning rate ( manual ) up to 8960 m²/h²/h
Theoretical cleaning rate ( autonomous ) up to 6.000 m²/h²/h
Max. speed ( manual ) 8 km/h
Max. speed ( autonomous ) 4,4 km/h
Max. water supply 8,9 l/min
Speed adjusted water supply yes
Noise level cleaning / SILENT function 72/66 db
Fast start / stop operator control with one button yes
Brush motor 2 x 500 W
Vacuum motor 2 x 500 W
Drive motor 900 W
Pressure brush / Pad 2,3/0,5 N/cm²
Diameter 285 mm
Voltage 24 V
Capacity (maintenance free gel batteries) 275 Ah
Capacity (wet cell batteries) 300 Ah
Working time (depending on floor, battery and dirt) 2 – 4 h
Quick-Change® Battery-System yes
  • economical cleaning of narrow passages and open areas with just one machine on the

  • basis of automatic adjustable working width

  • easy handling

  • around the clock use, thanks to the Quick-Change ® battery system

  • minimizing the numbers of machines

  • additional brush pressure level

  • long working time between fi lling and emptying due to large tank volume

  • extremely compact dimensions

  • autonomous and manual ride on machine


  • Touchscreen monitor
    Touchscreen monitor
  • Emergency STOP
    Emergency STOP
  • Direction indicator
    Direction indicator
  • Long range navigation laser
    Long range navigation laser
  • Touch sensor
    Touch sensor
  • Safety laser scanner
    Safety laser scanner
  • 2 x Laser scanner
    2 x Laser scanner
  • 2 x 3-D Obstacles avoidence
    2 x 3-D Obstacles avoidence
  • Cleaning robots at Berlin Hbf
    Cleaning robots at Berlin Hbf


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