Fresh fragrant, powerful multi purpose cleaner, highly concentrated

Especially appropriate for the usage in:

HCT CITRO triggers powerful and fast light soiling from all washable surfaces and objects. It.s suitable for plastics, metals and ceramics surfaces. In particular, for the powerful but gentle cleaning of acid and alkali sensitive materials. Due to the fresh citrus fragrance it presents the flavor of freshness.

Appropriate at the following floorings:

Elastic floor types: linoleum, vinyl, rubber floorings

Artificial and natural stone floors: Lime stone, stoneware, marble, granite, terrazzo, and artificial stone

Not appropriate at the following floorings:

  • Wooden and textile floorings
  • Sales unit: 12 kg canister

Results at a mixing ratio of 1:100 =

> up to 23 tanks of cleaning solution for TURNADO 55 / 55 PRO

> up to 19 tanks of cleaning solution for TURNADO 68

> up to 11 tanks of cleaning solution for VARIOTECH 82 / CONVERT 82 / TURNADO 82

> up to 7 tanks of cleaning solution for FS 82 / FS 112

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