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HEFTER Cleantech gains the lead
Munich, November 2005

A whole series of new "Football Temples" have sprung up in Germany an occasion of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. An excellent example of these is the Allianz Arena in the north of Munich, the new home base of teams FC Bayern and TSV 1860 München. Many people think that the stadium, designed by Swiss star architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, is the most beautiful arena in the world. A game in this stadium, intended only for football, will certainly be an experience for any socce fan. And the arena will not only be admired by football fans in Germany. Fans from all over the world will attend the opening game of the World Championships 2006. However, it is not only what happens on the pitch that matters - the facilities must also be cleaned. The E.ON subsidiary DEKONTA Gebäudereinigung is responsible for all the cleaning services for the arena. This includes outside cleaning, regular cleaning, snow clearing and scattering of grit and salt, gardens, boxes, car parks and so on. It is the sheer size of the facilities that impresses the visitor: the stadium is a small town in its own right. It also includes green areas, the largest car park in Europe, roads, shops, kiosks, restaurants and offices.


Maximum flexibility and productivity with HEFTER Cleantech cleaning systems
The area to be cleaned within the building amounts toaround 120,000 m². The outside areas actually cover morethan 400,000 m².For the areas which have to be wet cleaned, DEKONTAhas decided in favour of HEFTER Cleantech systems. Theinnovative developments TURNADO and VARIOTECHwere fundamental arguments in deciding. These technologiesmake unique, flexible cleaning feasible for all theareas: it is possible to clean while reversing, to cleanwhere space is limited, in corners and niches and alsoright up to edges.The HEFTER Cleantech systems are in use constantly,since visitors can visit the stadium for a closer look behindthe scenes every day, and not only on match days.For this reason, visitors' areas like kitchen and Fan shopsare cleaned on a daily basis, while other locations like theinterview zone and changing rooms are only cleanedbefore match days.


The FS112 is characterized by its extremely compactdesign and can be used round the clock thanks to itsquick-change battery system. In addition, the large tankcapacity of 150 litres means long time use. With the FS112,HEFTER Cleantech aims to a large area with as little manualwork as possible.Because of its compact design, the cleaning system canalso be used in bathrooms and toilets. It can easily bemanoeuvred through the narrow doorways and extendibleswivel brushes are able to clean the whole area.With the help of cleaning systems from HEFTERCleantech, the Allianz Arena can show itself at its sparklingbest - both in the current league season and above all into2006, when the Football World Championships open here.

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